It is little surprise that Miami is an important center of the supernatural world. It’s a nexus for people of the Caribbean fleeing from despots, starvation, or just seeking a little bit of the dream for their own. The Miami-Ft. Lauderdale-West Palm Beach metropolitan area is home to some of the wealthiest and poorest in the nation. It draws supernatural creatures of all kinds too. Sitting at one point of the Bermuda Triangle, there’s a lot of stored power waiting to be used or unleashed. The downtrodden that find their way to the southern Florida shores bring with them all manner of beliefs, myths, and legends that sometimes follow for good and ill.

The actual settlement of Miami did not exist until late in the 19th century. Before that the area was held by American, British, and Spanish forts that littered the coast. Tequesta and Seminole peoples controlled the land prior to that and some of that old power still dwells under Miami’s homes, night clubs, and streets.

Miami is civilized, but at its heart there is a wildness that reverberates from the local zoo to the neon lights and thumping bass of Miami Beach’s nightclubs. The Everglades far away and from its recesses many a monster has been disgorged.

The pull that Miami has on people brings people from all over to rest, recuperate and experience a little fun. This goes for the supernatural too. This resort town atmosphere makes it an ideal way point to conduct a little quick business, nefarious and otherwise.

The disparity in wealth and power is everywhere. It permeates America’s Riviera. It’s the perfect spot for spirits that consume fear and helplessness to appear. The nightlife and fun in the sun attitude brings those that feed on lust and other base desires, including the anger, jealousy, and vanity that lust can bring about.

Welcome to Miami, Gateway to the Americas.

The Miami Chronicles

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